2020 Conference - Grade 3-523:59:00
Animal Corridors Empowering Students through Engineering and Environmental Challenges 01:23:00
Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Thinking to the Classroom 01:30:00
Bugs Bugs Using Community Science and Crafting for Creative Learnin 01:30:00
Crosscutting Concepts for Equity and Rigor 01:38:00
Design Challenges for All - Hands-on STEM for any Setting 01:30:00
"Designing at the Margins": Ideating District Science Policies 01:30:00
Getting STEAMy with Sailboats 01:23:00
Language Matters Developing Literacy Through Science Instruction 01:30:00
Lets Talk Grading 01:33:00
Nurture Science Literacy and Foster Critical Thinking with Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) 01:30:00
Promoting STEM pedagogy for preservice elementary teachers in after-school programs 01:30:00
Planning and Carrying Out Investigations in Elementary Grades 3-5 01:30:00
Schoolyard Environmental Action Project 01:32:00
Science and Literacy A Win-Win 01:30:00
Teach Authentic Engineering Using the Educator-Friendly DIVE Method 01:38:00
Why don’t I have any tomatillos SEP8 and a phenomenon 01:22:00

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