2020 Conference - Grade 9-1243:21:00
Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Thinking to the Classroom 01:30:00
Building Literacy through Science with the Five Es 01:30:00
Carolina 3D Chemistry: Flexibility without compromise 01:03:00
Climate Action Projects 01:36:00
Conserving Panda populations through understanding their reproductive endocrinology 01:16:00
Crosscutting Concepts for Equity and Rigor 01:38:00
Design Challenges for All - Hands-on STEM for any Setting 01:30:00
Doing the TIME Making Meaning or Getting Through 01:30:00
"Designing at the Margins" Ideating District Science Policies 01:30:00
Embedding Earth Science & EPCs into Physics Through PBL 01:30:00
Evidence of Student Learning 3-D Assessment From Start to Finish 01:30:00
Experience Stoichiometry Using Multiple Representations to Discover the Mole Ratio
Family Science Night Pro Strategies & Tips 01:35:00
Language Matters: Developing Literacy Through Science Instruction 01:30:00
Let's Talk Grading 01:33:00
Low Floor, High Ceiling Making Science Tasks More Spacious 01:34:00
My Favorite Models Models That Go the Extra Mile 01:24:00
Nurture Science Literacy and Foster Critical Thinking with Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) 01:32:00
Nurturing Environmental Literacy Through Partnerships and Action 01:30:00
Operation Healthy Air Learning _ Taking Action in Our Communities 01:30:00
Plate Tectonics Driving Force - NGSS activities from the Exploratorium 01:30:00
Ready to go deeper with NGSS? Integrating Nature of Science 01:30:00
Science and Literacy: A Win-Win 01:30:00
Students With Abilities in Science! Focus on Special Education 01:30:00
Teach Authentic Engineering Using the Educator-Friendly DIVE Method 01:30:00
The One Kit Wonder Using models to teach biotechnology concepts 01:30:00
TOSAs Toolkit for Working with Others 01:30:00
Using Models to Make Connections Between DNA and Chromosomes 01:30:00
Using Phenomena to Engage Students and Make Learning Relevant 01:30:00
The Stoichiometry of Climate Change: Carbon in Earth’s System 01:40:00

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