2020 Conference - Grade 922:30:00
Assessing NGSS with Standards Based Grading 01:30:00
Addressing our Climate Crisis through Critical Literacy An Interdisciplinary Approach 01:30:00
BioBits™ making molecular biology visible with easy cell-free experiments 01:30:00
Carbon’s story From Smokestacks to Trees to Bottom of Seas 01:30:00
Carolina 3D Chemistry Flexibility without compromise 01:30:00
Carolina 3D Life Science: Flexibility without compromise 01:30:00
"Designing at the Margins": Ideating District Science Policies 01:30:00
Fire Tornadoes An Aligned NGSS Chemistry Unit with a Spin 01:30:00
Genes in Space Your DNA experiment on the space station! 01:30:00
My Favorite Models Models That Go the Extra Mile 01:30:00
Night-Owl or Morning-Lark The Answer May Be in Your Genes 01:30:00
P51 Glow Labs DNA Structure and Enzyme Activity Through Fluorescence 01:30:00
The One Kit Wonder Using models to teach biotechnology concepts 01:30:00
Using Models to Make Connections Between DNA and Chromosomes 01:30:00
Using NGSS-Aligned Lessons to Promote Cultural Responsiveness and Diversity 01:30:00

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