Presenter: Crystal Howe, Environmental Literacy Coordinator for San Diego County Office of Education
Moderator: Kurt Holland

Join us as we journey from defining phenomena to launching environmental learning activity with California’s master of phenomena, Crystal Howe. Crystal is an experienced classroom science educator, currently a science coordinator for San Diego COE, and brings an environmental literacy lens to all of her work as a statewide leader in NGSS education. Crystal will help teachers, and their allies, find relevant place-based environmental phenomena that, in turn, engages and motivates students to act on local environmental issues. Come prepared to ask questions, think, and participate in this lively and significant conversation.

Crystal Howe, San Diego COE
Crystal Howe has been a science educator in San Diego for 18 years. After 14 years teaching high school science, she learned that our students need a greater understanding of their connection to the natural world. As the Environmental Literacy Coordinator, for San Diego County Office of Education, Crystal’s focus is to support teacher to use an environmental lens to inspire kids across the content areas and grades. Much of her time is spent working with teacher, informal educators, and science experts to identify local environmental phenomena for use in the classroom.

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