This webinar focuses on the release of a designed-for-NGSS learning sequence built by CA teachers and scientists developed to support students in the sensemaking process with the anchoring phenomenon of Oyster Die-Offs along the Pacific Coast. This topic is addressed, not just as a question of science but also a question of equity as the groups who are responsible for ocean acidification are not always those who must deal with its consequences.

The sequence has been updated for delivery through online or hybrid platforms to reflect the current (distance learning) teaching situations many of us face.

Participants will end the webinar with resources they can use in their own classrooms, some new tools and strategies that can be adapted for other lessons, and a stronger background in the science behind ocean acidification.

Mathieu Richaud, Associate Professor, California State University, Fresno
Robert Terrill, Chemistry and Physics Teacher, San Marcos High School

Life in the Balance - Coastal Carbonate Chemistry00:54:23

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