This webinar focuses on the release of a designed-for-NGSS learning sequence built by CA teachers and scientists that explores the impacts of temperature change on corals through case study analysis. Participants will dig into understanding the data of temperature change at coral reef locations around the globe. Participants will then look at how those changes on a global scale affect coral and human communities locally. We will look at using “slices” of practices such as developing and building models (of coral communities), engaging in argument from evidence (with our models) and obtaining, evaluating and communicating information (to groups that have impact). 

The sequence has been updated for delivery through online or hybrid platforms to reflect the current teaching situations many of us face.

Participants will end the webinar with resources they can use in their own classrooms, some new tools and strategies that can be adapted for other lessons, and a stronger background in the science behind climate impacts on populations.

Jeremy Long, Professor, San Diego State University
Matthew Leader, Math/Science Teacher, High Tech High

Hot, Sour, and Drowning01:18:00

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