Managing Stress & Building Resilience Webinar

Managing Stress & Building Resilience

We will explore how the brain processes sensory information in such a way that makes sense to educators. Then we will dive into what is happening to our brain’s processing power during traumatic experiences, such as where we are at right now with the COVID pandemic. Finally, we will share some resources that will help you to feel better, protect you, and build up your psychological resilience.


Fighting Stress (English)
Fighting Stress (Spanish)
Fighting Stress (Vietnamese)

About Dr. Richard A. Woodruff, PhD

Dr. Woodruff has been researching and studying stress for more than 16 years. He was originally studying stress effects with a corporate lens, then moved into first responders: ICU nurses and law enforcement. Dr. Woodruff fell into education just over four years ago, and fell in love with helping kids and educators and has not looked back since. He has now adapted his research and workshops to better accommodate educators, students, and families. He still actively researches stress and techniques to help cope with stress, and also working on innovations for adult SEL and an advanced TIC model.


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